Kasco Premium Decorative Fountain Nozzles

Premium Nozzles For Models:

8400JF / 2.3JF / 3.1JF / 3.3JF / 5.1JF / 5.3JF / 7.3JF

When purchasing a Kasco® 2hp, 3hp, 5hp or 7.5hp "JF" series floating fountain you have the option to add even more spectacular nozzles to your fountain. These "premium" nozzles were developed by Kasco® to give these larger fountains a more contemporary appearance. One of the biggest advantages of these "premium" nozzles is the thicker streams of water produced. This is beneficial in larger bodies of water where wind can significantly affect the spray pattern. Another benefit is, clogging of the nozzle holes is far less likely with the large diameter holes on the "premium" nozzles. Kasco® "premium" nozzles simply screw into the "JF" series pump just like the standard nozzles do. There are numerous "premium" nozzles to choose from.


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