Aeration Equipment

Aeration Supply, Inc. offers our customers a wide variety of oiless pond compressors, self sinking air diffusers, compressor cabinets, self sinking tubing and much more. Many of the products found on this website are designed and constructed specifically for Aeration Supply, Inc™ and will not be found on a competitors website.

For complete, ready to install, aeration kits follow the Sub-Surface Bottom Aeration Kits link here to view these products.

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We have spent a great deal of time testing our equipment to be sure each component meets our high standards. We have purchased many components from our competitors over the years and have found a huge difference in quality. Simply put, we've done our homework and we've got the good stuff.

We have compiled the most common components on this web page to help our customers find what they need. It is not our goal to "stock everything under the sun". We prefer to stock only usefull, functional products like the components we use on our own XtremeAIR® and genAIR™ pond and lake diffused aeration systems.

In fact, we manufacture products specifically for this industry such as: complete self sinking diffuser assemblies, the airBASE™ brand, replacement circular and tubular EPDM rubber membrane diffusers, our own small and large 16-gauge steel compressor cabinets, our own valved outlets complete with high quality brass valves and "non-freeze" gauges. We've also branded our own line of air supply tubing, the aquaLINE™ brand, which we buy in huge 25,000 foot quantities in 3 different sizes.

In addition, we stock a wide range of air compressors including small and large piston, rotary vane and diaphragm. And finally, we stock all the "odds-and-ends" you would ever need like blower type cooling fans (115v or 230v), barbed fittings of various sizes, clamps etc. etc. However, if there is something specifically you are looking for, that you do not see here, just give us a call. We may have it in-house or if not, we can get it for you within days.

If you need assistance "piecing together" your system, call us @ 715-821-5554. We're here to help you!

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