Custom Steel Air Compressor Cabinets With Knockouts

These cabinets were designed and built specifically for the pond and lake aeration industry. Each cabinet is fully louvered on one side panel and partially louvered on the other side to give each cabinet maximum air circulation and cross-ventilation while protecting your expensive air compressor. An optional heat extracting blower can easily be mounted in the pre-punched holes and vents in the rear of each cabinet if your application requires it.

Also designed into our cabinets are numerous "knockouts" to accommodate power cords and the plugs. No need to drill holes with our cabinets! We also have 4 small holes on the bottom of each cabinet to allow you to mount your cabinet easily to one of our mounting pads if you choose. (sold separate) Each cabinet has two heavy-duty locking clasps to secure the lid and can easily be locked for security and safety.

*** Currently Out Of Stock ***