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From smaller, low pressure diaphragm compressors to larger high volume rotary vane or piston compressors, we've got what you need. And, because of the large volume of compressors we sell, our prices are very hard to beat.

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Sub-Surface Bottom Aeration Kits

Looking for an oiless air compressor for your pond or lake aeration system? We carry only oiless air compressors that have proven to do the job that this industry demands. Each situation is different, and we have a compressor that will fit virtually any specifications you may have.

*Small ponds 1 surface acre or less and greater than 10' deep, use a large diaphragm compressor

*Medium to large size ponds 3/4 to 1.5 surface acres or larger and deeper than 10', use a small piston compressor

*larger size ponds greater than 1.5 surface acres and deeper than 10', use a large double piston compressor piston compressors are an excellent choice for high-pressure, deep water applications. All of these piston compressors are designed for continuous-duty operation. These piston compressors are the choice for many of our aeration systems because they offer higher pressures which allows you to push air much deeper than a rotary vane compressor. In addition, piston compressor are an excellent choice is your system will require long air runs, as long as 2,000' + in some instances!™ oiless rotary vane pond aerator compressor pumps are compact, easy-to-service and a good choice for moderate-pressure shallow water applications. All of our rotary vane pond aerator compressor pumps are designed for continuous-duty operation. These rotary vane aeration compressor pumps are the choice for many pond aeration systems because they have higher "Open Flow" CFM rates in the larger models. One of the advantageous design features of this type of pond aeration compressor is the internal carbon vanes automatically adjust as they wear to maintain aeration compressor efficiency. It is not unusual to have to change the vanes about every 12 to 18 months however if you operate the compressor continuously. This is a very simple job and only takes about 30 minutes with very common tools.™ diaphragm compressor pumps are without question some of the best designed and best built small and medium sized compressor pumps available in the aeration business. These air compressors easily outperform conventional piston type air compressor pumps frequently used in the aeration business. All of our diaphragm compressor pumps are compact, powerful, reliable, ultra-quiet, and very economical to operate.

Not sure what you need? Give us a call at 715-821-5554, we're happy to help you determine which pond air compressor is right for your specific pond aeration application.

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