• Celebrating 20-Years In Business - Thank you!

    All of us here at Aeration Supply, Inc. wanted to extend our warmest thank you to all of the customers who have supported us over the years. 20 years ago we set out to provide the lake and pond aeration industry with uncompromising top quality products and service. We've been able to achieve that only [...]

  • Big Changes - Superior Products

    So 2017 was nothing short of "BUSY-BUSY". We accomplished a tremendous amount of work on our aeration systems and we are beginning 2018 with a lot of new and exciting products for our customers.
    First, the new XTREMEAIR lake and pond aerators will be our flagship premium sub-surface aeration systems. This aeration system will utilize our [...]

  • The True "Value" In A "Sale"

    Many of us know of companies that offer "sales!" 24/7/365.   But in reality of course, we know that what they are offering is not really a sale at all, but a play on words to try and entice us to "hurry-and-buy" before the so called sale is over.   And really, is a sale [that of [...]

  • Experience: It Does Matter

    After 15 years in the lake and pond aeration business I have learned a lot! A lot about business, a lot about aeration and a lot about people.  First, about the people, my customers, in a word, they're GREAT!  I mean really really great.  I have met and come to know some really fantastic people [...]

  • And What About That "Free" Shipping?

    Over the last decade or so "Free" shipping has become common with many retailers.  Companies like Amazon, Staples and many other large conglomerates and multinational companies have used this tool to generate business.   And for multi-million dollar companies like this, that can leverage their size with shippers like UPS or Fed-Ex perhaps it works.
    But what [...]

  • Distributors Wanted For 2016

    We've been in the lake and pond aeration business for nearly 15 years now and it seems like its been almost that long since folks in the industry have been asking us to "go wholesale".  In fact, the owner of Aeration Supply has been "told" more than once that we "have to" start wholesaling our [...]

  • HEAT!! The #1 Reason For Air Compressor Failure

    As we near those long summer days, heat and humidity will become a factor in the performance and longevity of your aeration equipment.  Although moisture, dust, lack of proper maintenance all play a role in the proper performance of your air compressor, in our experience heat is the #1 contributing factor why air compressors fail.
    So [...]

  • The Ice Is Gone - Now What?

    Get ahead of the curve! Dont wait to get your aeration system in place and into operation.  Whether your using surface or sub-surface aeration it is very important to keep your water moving.  Procrastinating and trying to "catch up" later in July is a big mistake.
    Be proactive, install your aeration system or get it started [...]

  • Welcome To The Blog

    This is the new blog for

    Welcome to a leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of pond and lake aeration equipment throughout North America. Continue Reading

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