Big Changes - Superior Products

So 2017 was nothing short of "BUSY-BUSY". We accomplished a tremendous amount of work on our aeration systems and we are beginning 2018 with a lot of new and exciting products for our customers.

First, the new XTREMEAIR lake and pond aerators will be our flagship premium sub-surface aeration systems. This aeration system will utilize our recently patented cooling design and cabinet.  The XTREMEAIR will be available in three different configurations, the "Classic", "Xtra" and "Ultra" designs. The XTREMEAIR sub surface aeration systems are used in ponds and lakes from 1 acre to as large as 20 acres in size.

Next, we have procured our own line of air compressors which have proven to be outstanding and superior in many ways. The RELIANCE brand of oil-less air compressors will be available in both a single piston 1/3hp "Reliance 3.5" design and a double piston 1/2hp "Reliance 5.5" design. The XTREMEAIR systems will utilize the Reliance 5.5 in either a single compressor or double compressor system design.

Also new for 2018 is the airBOOST Mini small pond sub-surface aerators. These small compact units are ideal for ponds less than 1-acre in size and can aerate those deep areas with ease. The airBOOST Mini will utilize the Reliance 3.5 as its primary air compressor.

Finally, we continue to seek out new distributors for our products. We are always looking for professional lake and pond management companies that want to use the absolute highest quality aeration systems for their customers.