Distributors Wanted For 2016

We've been in the lake and pond aeration business for nearly 15 years now and it seems like its been almost that long since folks in the industry have been asking us to "go wholesale".  In fact, the owner of Aeration Supply has been "told" more than once that we "have to" start wholesaling our products to professionals in the business.  In other words, our products have a great reputation and many professionals know that.

Well, in 2016 that request will be realized.  After a lot of internal discussions about the direction we want to take the company in the future, and the ever increasing demands made by professionals in the industry we've decided to "take the plunge" for the 2016 season.

If you are a full time lake and pond management professional we are accepting applications right now to wholesale our products beginning in 2016.  We will be selecting only those applicants who's full time primary business model is lake and pond management.  We are going to be very selective and those who come on board early will benefit.  This is because geography and territory is important to you and we'll respect that as we build our network together.

Please see the bottom of the Home Page and click on the "Become A Distributor" link.  We'll be in touch with you.