Experience: It Does Matter

After 15 years in the lake and pond aeration business I have learned a lot! A lot about business, a lot about aeration and a lot about people.  First, about the people, my customers, in a word, they're GREAT!  I mean really really great.  I have met and come to know some really fantastic people over the years.  People from literally every corner of the U.S. and beyond.  Many of my customers have been purchasing  products from Aeration Supply for more than 10 years.  They send me pictures of their ponds, their fish,  and express their appreciation by being a long valued loyal customers.   Many of my customers have worked very hard on their ponds and lakes to bring to fruition a vision they had for their property.  They're proud of the little piece of paradise they've notched out for themselves.   And I'm proud to have been able to help them achieve that success.  But what I'm even more proud of: Is the total satisfaction that my customers have in my products and my employees.   I hear virtually everyday how happy my customers are with us and why they come back season after season.  Because we know what works and what doesn't.  Pure and simple.

I'd love to say that when I got into this business I knew it all.  Turns out I didn't.   But when I made mistakes along the way I corrected them, and did so at my expense not my customers.  I have gone to the ends of the earth to make things right when I got them wrong.  And that's what matters isn't it?  To be accountable when times get tough.  Integrity, honesty and pride are all intertwined and collectively this makes me, my employees and most importantly my customers happy.  Aeration Supply is successful because of our ethics, our hard work and the never ending desire to produce for our customers that absolute best products we possibly can at the very best value.

So "Does Experience Matter?"  The simple answer is: Immensely!  Experience is vitally important not only in the design & consultation regarding which type and size aeration system to use, but also in the design, engineering and construction of our aeration systems.  Unfortunately, myself and my employees have heard horror stories, and I mean horror stories from new customers who have really been "through-the-mill" as they say, often times with situations that could have easily been avoided .  And many of these issues were created by well meaning people who were trying to do the right thing but simply did not understand the real dynamics of a particular situation.  In a nut shell, they just did not have the experience to aid the consumer in an appropriate cost effective manner.  Like most things in life when we need help it is generally best to get someone who has some experience in the subject matter.  I mean do you want to hire the fresh out of college CPA to handle your estate planning?  A home builder who just got their contractors license?  Or a surgeon to operate on you who is not board certified?  We all the know the answers to these questions.  Now granted, buying an aeration system is not quite as critical as the examples aforementioned but the point is still a good one.  The reality is, an aeration system can be a very expensive purchase and a choice that many of our customers take very seriously.  Our customers come to us for guidance, professional assistance to help them make the right choices for their needs.  I mean who wants to do it twice right?  Over the years we've heard the same questions thousands of times.  And that OK, that's what we do.  The point is we've "been there done that", and that's what you need to know.  Experience matters.  Are we know it alls.  No, we're not, however we know who to call when we don't have an answer and that knowledge matters too.  Let our experience and knowledge in this industry be here for you.  We care.  we know how to do the right thing, and we'll leave as many mistakes as possible to the rookies.