HEAT!! The #1 Reason For Air Compressor Failure

As we near those long summer days, heat and humidity will become a factor in the performance and longevity of your aeration equipment.  Although moisture, dust, lack of proper maintenance all play a role in the proper performance of your air compressor, in our experience heat is the #1 contributing factor why air compressors fail.

So what to do?  Some air compressors like the diaphragm air compressors used on our genAIR line of small pond aerators are designed to sit out in the elements.  We do not encourage or recommend that they be placed in a structure of any kind.  Why? to keep them cool.  With no exposed windings along with the overall design of this type of air compressor, we are able to let them sit outside and thus they tend to stay much cooler than if placed under a Faux [fake] rock or put in Rover's old dog house.  Thus, these compressors tend to last a very long time with some simple perodic maintenance.

TIP:  Place these diaphragm compressors under tree or bush and they'll last even longer.

Now, piston and vane type air compressors.  They're another animal.  We love them, dont get me wrong, they are very effective, reasonably priced, relatively quiet to operate, have exceptional amp draws for the most part and have a long track record in this industry.  BUT! they tend to run hot.  And even hotter when under pressure, housed in a cabinet, placed out in the sun and then expected to perform flawlessly on those 100 degree days and 80 degree dew-points.  Here's a secret, its just these kind of days that will take years off the life of your air compressor.  Yep, just a day or two, or a week or two, of really excessive heat and humidity and your compressor loses a lot of life.

So what can be done?  All our piston and vane air compressors must be housed in either a cabinet or structure such as a barn, pump-house or the like.  But for the sake of this post, we'll focus on those units placed in a cabinet.   And so the design of the cabinet is the key component.  Our brand, airBOOST utilizes fans to blow or "exhaust" hot air out of the cabinet.  This works very well but on those really, really hot days cooling fans have to work very hard to remove excess heat that builds up inside the cabinet.  Well, that was until our airBOOST Gen2 cabinet came along.  Our proprietary design allows our piston air compressors housed inside to naturally cool up to three air compressors mounted inside our cabinets.  Fans are designed into the cabinet as a supplement and aid in the exhaust of excessive heat during those "dog-days-of-summer".  What does this mean?  Longer compressor life, plain and simple.  Our airBOOST Gen2  aeration cabinets will be coming on line very soon and our customers are going to love them!!

But you already have an air compressor and are not purchasing a complete airBOOST package.  No problem, we have two cabinets that are sold direct to the public that are designed specifically for the aeration industry.  These cabinets look nice, have excellent ventilation and can even have a fan mounted inside for you.  Check them out on the website, we have lots of them in stock ready to ship.

And so the fundamental point is the same, keep your compressors cool and keep the filters clean and they will last significantly longer and perform much better for you.