The True "Value" In A "Sale"

Many of us know of companies that offer "sales!" 24/7/365.   But in reality of course, we know that what they are offering is not really a sale at all, but a play on words to try and entice us to "hurry-and-buy" before the so called sale is over.   And really, is a sale [that of course is not really a sale] have any inherent "value" to you the customer?   No.  What value is there in any sale when the so called sale is offered to the consumer in perpetuity?   None, none whatsoever.  A sale offered from any business on a continual basis is not a sale at all.  It is deceitful, a manipulation of reality and to us, just bad business.   Do they really think we're that naive?   Apparently so.  And so the company that offers a sale on a non-stop basis in our opinion has not earned my trust and therefore will not earn my business.

And this leads me to my point in this blog.   The "sales" that we occasionally offer our customers here at may be offered once, perhaps twice per year for a variety of reasons.  We may want to move inventory to make way for a shipment of incoming product.  We may have new products that we want to get to our customers at a reduced price for them to try and experience.   Whatever the reason may be, we will occasionally run a sale on our products.  But it is imperative that each sale be defined by a specific start date and end date.   There cannot be ambiguity in the sale in any way.  By not being consistent with how we offer a sale to our customers the true value of the sale is diminished.  In addition, we just feel it is unethical and frankly unfair to sell our products at the sale price after a sale has ended.   If we do sell the product at the sale price after the sale has ended, the customer that purchased that product  during the sale period is cheated.   And really, It is simply just bad business to honor a sale price after the sale has ended.

So when you see the word "sale" at know that it is really a sale.  We have clearly defined the beginning and the end of the sale date and we will not honor a sale price after the end date.