Pond Patrol™ Lake & Pond Beneficial Bacterial Additives

Pond Patrol™ Lake & Pond Beneficial Bacterial Additives

Pond Patrol™ brand pond bacteria gobbles up the nutrients! Bacteria in ponds in lakes is as natural as the water itself. These bacteria are an essential component in a healthy aquatic environment. In short, bacteria in ponds and lakes "consume" nutrients such as nitrates and nitrites. These nutrients, if left alone, can cause unwanted algae blooms and excessive aquatic weed growth. Let the Pond Patrol™ loose in your pond.


More About Bacteria

For various reasons these bacterial counts can fall to levels where they become less effective at controlling the nutrients in your pond or lake. It is for this reason that we use bacteria as a supplement to the already present bacteria in your pond or lake. By doing so, you may significantly reduce unwanted algae blooms and aquatic weed growth.

Aeration Supply, Inc.™ has our own proprietary blend of these beneficial bacteria. The Pond Patrol™ brand bacteria is available in a powder, pellet or liquid form and is a "proactive" product.

Pond Patrol™ bacteria is not an algaecide and does not kill algae or aquatic weeds.

You may select from either our 25 pound pail of dry powder bacteria for nutrients and algae control in your lake or pond, our 25 pound pail with 1oz bacteria pellets inside designed for removal of sludge and muck on the bottom of your pond or lake or, our concentrated liquid bacteria also for algae control and sludge/muck removal.

Our special blend of lake and pond aerobic bacteria is a desirable product for pond and lake restoration for two reasons. (1) Our Pond Patrol™ bacteria brings nuisance algae under control naturally and effectively in your pond or lake.(2) Our Pond Patrol™ pond bacteria consumes the "muck" on the bottom of your pond or lake. This special blend of pond and lake aerobic bacteria removes excess nutrients, including nitrates and phosphates which cause problem algae blooms, excess weed growth, sludge and muck build-up as well as foul odors. The Pond Patrol strain of aerobic bacteria for pond and lake restoration is not an algaecide and does not actually "kill" algae or aquatic weeds. Rather, this lake and pond bacteria consumes the nutrients in your pond or lake that algae and aquatic weeds naturally thrive on. By doing so, we are essentially able to "starve" the algae and aquatic weeds in your pond or lake thereby restoring your pond or lake to its pristine natural beauty.

How and why are aerobic bacteria effective for pond owners?

We are often asked how lake and pond aerobic bacteria helps reduce aquatic weed growth in ponds, lakes and water gardens and restore your pond or lake ecosystem. The answer is a little complicated but this is the basic idea. All ponds and lakes have naturally occurring living organisms called “bacteria”. These bacteria consume mass quantities of “nutrients” also found in every pond. The word “nutrients” is a generic term that actually is a combination of other compounds such as phosphates and nitrates, also found in every pond. These nutrients are introduced into the body of water by dead or decaying leaf matter, fish waste, fertilizers and similar sources. We know that all plants, including aquatic weeds need nutrients to survive and multiply. And so if we can reduce the amount of nutrients entering the pond we can reduce the aquatic weed growth and algae blooms at the same time. But it is often difficult, if not impossible to stop all nutrients from entering a pond or lake, and so the best way to control the nutrients is to assist those bacteria in consuming the nutrients for us. The more nutrients consumed by the bacteria, the fewer nutrients that are available for the aquatic weeds and algae. This is done in a two-step process. First, the more aerobic bacteria you have in your pond the greater the nutrient consumption is going to be. Therefore, it is very important to continually add more bacteria to the body of water through the course of a season, as the life span of most bacteria strains is relatively short. Second, the bacteria in your pond need large quantities of oxygen, hence the term aerobic, which is the energy they need to consume the nutrients. It is for this reason that we strongly encourage our customers to have BOTH aeration and aerobic pond bacteria, for a healthy pond or lake environment.

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