Aquatic Algaecides & Aquatic Herbicides

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When use of aquatic algaecides and herbicides is necessary the customer is best described as being in a "reactive" state with their pond or lake. Excessive growth of aquatic weeds and algae is something most pond owners are forced to deal with sooner or later. Because most ponds are dug in low areas they are a natural catch basins for runoff. Over time the nutrients and fertilizers that are carried in by the runoff cause excessive weed growth. The use of pond bacterias and aeration are the most effective long-term ways of controlling aquatic weeds and algae. Chemical control of aquatic weeds and algae are typically short-term solutions for dealing with these problems. Unfortunately, no single chemical product will control all types of weeds. Instead, proper identification of weeds is necessary so the proper product can be used.

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