Pond Patrol Concentrate Liquid Blue Pond Dye [6] Quarts

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Quick Overview

* Non-Toxic
* Easy To Apply
* 1 Quart Per Surface Acre
* Available In Blue Or Black Dye
* Will Not Stain Birds, Pets, Plants etc
* Natural Aqua Blue Or Black Appearance

Pond Patrol Concentrate Liquid Blue Pond Dye [6] Quarts

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Liquid pond dyes can be very effective at reducing sunlight penetration into ponds and lakes. This is done by reflecting the light from the sun back into space. By doing so, water temperatures can be reduced and therefore diminish or impede the growth of aquatic weeds and\or algea. Early spring applications of pond dye is essential in its effectiveness.

Pond Patrol™ is our own proprietary blend of liquid pond dye and is available in a blue or black color. Pond Patrol™ is sold in convenient quart bottles and is a "proactive" product.

The Pond Patrol™ brand of pond and lake dye is a concentrated formulation making it much easier to handle as it is sold in quart containers rather than the competitions 1-gallon containers. Each concentrated quart will treat an entire surface acre of water up to 4' deep (approximately 1 to 2 million gallons of water!).

This concentrated quart of Pond Patrol™ pond dye contains approximately 80% of the amount of dye as compared to the industry standard 1-gallon container. In other words your paying for the dye when you purchase Pond Patrol™ pond dye, not a water additive like the gallon containers. Pond Patrol™ pond dye will not stain birds, fish, plants, pets or wildlife when applied to your lake or pond in the recommended dosage rates.

Pond Patrol™ pond dye helps to filter out excess sunlight and provides a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to your pond or lake, by offering a "natural blue" appearance and will not turn you pond or lake a green color like some other dye products on the market. This pond dye formulation is non-toxic and is compatible with most aquatic herbicides and algaecides.

Pond Patrol™ pond dye can be mixed quickly and evenly throughout the pond or lake with the use of a fountain or similar mechanical device.

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