genAIR™ Small Shallow Pond Sub-Surface Bottom Aeration Systems

genAIR™ Small Shallow Pond Sub-Surface Bottom Aeration Systems

“genAIR™ Best Little Pond Aerator In America For The Last 15 Years"


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genAIR™ small pond & water garden aerators were developed specifically for the small pond and koi pond owner. no cabinet is required! on most of our genAIR™ models. These small pond aerators are ideally suited for ponds from 5,000 gallons in size to approximately 1-million gallons or up to 1-surface acre. genAIR™ small pond aerators are often used in koi ponds, farm ponds and retention ponds. Each genAIR™ pond aerator utilizes a top-of-the-line diaphragm compressor rated for outdoor use. Each small pond aeration system also comes standard with our self sinking airBASE™ diffusers and aquaLINE™ self sinking tubing making them a complete, simple to install small pond or koi pond aeration kit. Our genAIR™ pond aerators are proudly Made In The USA!

***** self sinking diffuser(s) & tubing are included! with each pond aerator *****

The genAIR™ small pond aerator category has been broken down into 3 specific categories to assist you in selecting the right small pond and koi pond aerator. Choose your genAIR™ from circular, elongated or deep pond design configurations.

genAIR™ small pond aerators are well known for their economical and extremely quiet performance. In short, they just can't be beat.™ manufactures the genAIR™ series of small pond aerators. We have specifically designed these small pond diffused aeration systems for ponds from 10,000 gallons or approximately 1/16th surface acre with depths to about 4' all the way up to ponds 500,000 gallons or 1 acre in size with a 12' maximum depth. Please note that all genAIR small pond aerator compressors are UL listed for outdoor use and therefore, no cabinet is required!

All of our pond and lake bottom aeration systems are Heavy-Duty designs and are built to outlast any of our competitors products.™ offers "Small Pond" aeration systems with heavy-duty high volume compressors, self-sinking tubing & self-sinking fine-bubble diffusers! No other "Small Pond" aeration system offers these great values!!

Just like the airBOOST™ diffused aeration systems we've engineered for larger ponds and lakes, we've done the same thing for the small pond owner as well. Each of these small pond genAIR™ diffused aeration systems (pond bubblers) are pre-engineered to deliver maximum aeration and circulation for the pond size listed in each description. Each of our genAIR™ small pond diffused aeration systems come complete with compressor, weighted tubing and diffuser assembly. Each genAIR™ diffused aeration system is delivered UPS and ready for easy assembly and installation upon arrival.™ has selected these oil-less air compressors because they are by FAR, the best built, quietest, longest lasting and most economical compressors available on the market today.

All genAIR™ pond aerators offer these important features:

* Compact and powerfull diaphragm compressor design utilizing elctro-magentic engineering

* Extremely reliable pond compressor because there are very few moving parts to wear out

* These pond compressors are unbelievably quiet, so quiet, they cannot be heard just a few feet away

* All our pond compressors cost only pennies per day to operate

* Each unit is completely oil-less and never require lubrication of any kind

* The longevity of our compressors is typically 5+ years, running non-stop!

* Our pond compressors are all UL listed for outdoor use

* Heavy-Duty self sinking diffuser basin with high quality EPDM diffusers

* Heavy-Duty self sinking aquaLINE™ 1/2" or 5/8" weighted air supply tubing

* These aeration systems routinly operate all summer and winter non-stop

* 2-Year manufacturer's warranty on entire system

* genAIR™ Aeration Systems are the best built small pond aerators available!

Each genAIR™ pond aerator offers these important benefits:

* Increased dissolved oxygen levels throughout the ecosystem

* Complete water column "entraining" and "de-stratification"

* Increases naturally occuring biological activity

* Releases harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia

* Reduces aquatic algae growth when combined with bacteria additives

* De-ices in cold climates to greatly minimize seasonal fish kills

* No electricity in the water for safe operation in all seasons

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