XtremeAIR® Premium Pond & Lake Sub-Surface Bottom Aeration Systems With superCOOL™ Technology

XtremeAIR® Premium Pond & Lake Sub-Surface Bottom Aeration Systems With superCOOL™ Technology

“XtremeAIR® The Last Aeration System You’ll Ever Buy”

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XtremeAIR® Patented Pond & Lake Aerators General Product Description:

XtremeAIR® Patented Pond and Lake Aerators are the culmination of 20 years of design, development and engineering experience. Our objective is first and foremost to provide our customers with the highest quality, best built, longest lasting, superior quality aeration system we possibly could. Our motto has always been: “XtremeAIR® the last pond or lake aerator you’ll ever buy”. We think we’ve achieved just that. And you’ll be happy to know that the XtremeAIR® Pond and Lake Aerator is proudly, “Made In The USA”.

The XtremeAIR® Patented Pond and Lake Aeration System has been designed in a way that allows the consumer to select the appropriate system[s] based on their individual needs. As aquatic lifting, turnover and gas exchange is often our, and your primary goal, the XtremeAIR® aeration system offers the consumer several choices based on these design concepts.

The XtremeAIR® Pond and Lake Aeration System offers several choices including the “Classic”, “Xtra” and “Ultra” designs. The fundamental differences between these options are [1] the airBASE™ assembly style and number used in the system, and [2] the size and number of Reliance™ air compressor[s] used in the Patented cabinet. These factors will have the greatest influence on aquatic lifting, turnover and gas exchange.

* The XtremeAIR® “Classic” designs utilize our CM-2 airBASE™ assemblies

* The XtremeAIR® “Xtra” designs utilize our CM-3 airBASE™ assemblies

* The XtremeAIR® “Ultra” designs utilize our CM-4 airBASE™ assemblies

Generally speaking the deeper the water, the more aquatic lifting is required. However, all of these designs provide the optimal results when installed in water with depths between 8’ to 25’ feet. When choosing the aeration system for your needs you will consider the size of the air compressor in the Patented cabinet and the number of airBASE™ assemblies you desire. In addition, the shape, size, depth of your body of water will be additional factors in product selection. Although each unit will have an approximate “surface acre” size of pond or lake it was designed for, many of our customers utilize the XtremeAIR® in bodies of water both smaller and larger than what is described. It really comes down to how much turnover, aquatic lifting and gas exchange you desire in your body of water. A general “rule-of-thumb” is once a day turnover of your pond or lake which will provide the best results.

Use our “Pond Calculator” found on the home page to aid you in determining which XtremeAIR® Pond & Lake Aerator is best suited for your needs. If you’re not sure, please feel free to “Contact Us” for additional assistance.

XtremeAIR® Patented Pond & Lake Aeration Systems are described by many professionals to be one of the industry’s leading brands and the one that others are measured by.


All XtremeAIR® Patented Pond & Lake Aerators Offer These Important Features:

* Patented superCOOL™ technology cabinet design allows for maximum air circulation and ventilation for optimal compressor cooling. Ideally suited for hot, humid, arid, and/or excessive heat environments, additional axial flow fans and shrouds for supplemental cooling

* In-house testing and years of field testing have proven our Patented aeration system cabinet design will keep air compressor[s] up to 50% cooler, reducing heat retention and will greatly increase compressor life and performance thus avoiding costly rebuilds

* The XtremeAIR® Patented aluminum compressor cabinet is built from light weight durable 12-guage aluminum, baked powder coated finish and pearl gray paint, includes "bulb" type gasket for noise and vibration reduction, includes security barrel lock with two keys,

* Comes standard with [2] recessed handles on each side for easy carrying and is pre-mounted on 24" x 24" x 2" high impact HDPE pad for easy set-up, and quick operation

* In-house testing and years of field testing shows our Patented XtremeAIR® pond and lake aerators will have decibel ratings between 25dB and 45dB [depending on unit] measured at a distance of 25'. This is quieter than an average conversation or the noise level in a quiet park setting

* Air manifold[s] are high grade anodized aluminum and each includes: micro-adjust ball valves for fine adjustments during system balancing, glycerin filled pressure gauge[s] for precise PSI measurements, all brass fittings for exceptional performance and longevity, built-in pressure relief valve for air compressor protection

* All key components are pre-installed at the factory: this includes compressor[s], air manifold[s], axial flow fan[s] with shrouds, everything is 100% pre-installed and ready for quick plug-n-go operation. Each XtremeAIR® aeration system comes standard with a 6' power cord and industrial grade plug. All you need is 120v or 240v single phase power supply

* XtremeAIR® pond and lake aerators offer multiple design configurations and multiple compressor sizes and performance specifications, All compressors are UL listed oil-less piston type compressor[s] with built-in thermal overload protection. Compressors are available in 1/3hp, 1/2hp and 3/4hp. All compressor[s] are pre-installed with high performance air filters/silencers and vibration isolator mounting pads

* All airBASE™ diffuser assemblies are constructed of: heavy-duty thick-walled HDPE material and are a self-sinking design with hollow ballast basin, schedule 80 PVC gray pipe in multiple design configurations for peak performance and durability, have a raised platform to reduce sediment mixing during operation, includes very fine bubble 9" EPDM circular diffuser discs with built-in back flow preventer

* Each XtremeAIR® lake and pond aeration system comes with a comprehensive installation and operations manual and industry leading warranty on all components


Each Patented XtremeAIR® Pond & Lake Aerator Offer These Important Benefits:

* Increased dissolved oxygen levels and gas exchange throughout the ecosystem

* Complete water column “lifting”, "entraining" and "de-stratification"

* Increases naturally occurring biological activity and life

* Releases harmful gases such as Hydrogen Sulfide and Ammonia

* Reduces aquatic weed growth when combined with bacteria additives

* Can be used to "push" air thousands of feet from an electric source

* De-ices in cold climates to greatly minimize seasonal fish kills

* No electricity in the water for safe operation in all seasons

XtremeAIR® pond & lake aeration systems have long been the professional's choice In sub-surface aeration throughout North America. Aeration Supply, Inc

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