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Customer Service

Submitted 10/2016
Todd [Harlan, IA]

Thank you for the GREAT follow up “customer service.” You communicated how and why my request/problem will be resolved. Just FYI 90% of customers return BECAUSE of high level of service not product. ALSO 90% of customers leave due to poor service not product.

Submitted 07/2016
Matt [Soda Springs, CA]

Submitted 7/2016 Thank you so much for your efforts to keep us running well. It is greatly appreciated and speaks volumes on your high standard of customer service. We have been very pleased with your products which have worked out great for us.

Submitted 01/2016
Andy [Elkhart, IA]

"I'm reporting back to you from our previous phone call attempting to remedy my airlines freezing up. As a reminder, my compressor is in our pool house mechanical room and when we have suddon drops in air tempuratyure during the winter, my guess was the buried airlines were freezing up where there are exposed at the pond's edge. You guessed a few different things to try including placing a few bales of staw over them, which I did. That worked great - no freeze ups yet. We have had several weather events that previously froze up my airlines and I now believe this simply remedy is the solution. Thanks once more for great product and application support. I am very happy with your system and your company. Best wishes for 2016."

Submitted 02/2015
Chris [Alliance, OH]

"I received my compressor back today and hooked it up to the pond! Now I just have to wait for the bubbles to break through to the surface again and I will be back in business. Thank you so much for fixing my unit; I also appreciate the new filter you included. You are the best!"