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Multiweave Pond Liner

Submitted 7/14
John [Central Texas]

"I considered the bentonite option but with low clay levels in the soil, the cost of bentonite was nearing the liner cost. In September 2013 I deepened and old pond and installed a 68000 sf 20 mil liner. It was installed by myself & 4 other friends. We installed as per instructions and it took about 10-12 hours to get it in place. We had a few learning pains but overall it was not bad. I built a 12" high road down one end of the pond about 50ft out from the bank. Built a dirt pad, then a concrete slab to support the dock post. Dock extends 48ft from the bank. Also used biodegradable blanket to hold dirt from washing off the bank. We recently received about 11" of rain in less than 3 weeks and this completed the necessary water level required. The pond depth is near 12ft with a 20-30 degree slope on the banks. It is stocked with bait fish and should be able to put bass in around end of September.
It appears this is the best investment I could have made."