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Submitted 5/2015
Bob [Pharr, TX]

"I have been using the sub-surface pond aerators for two years. Weeds are gone. I use the pond bacteria and blue pond dye to control weeds and bacteria. I am a do yourself pond and lake manager for a lot less money than hiring someone. Joel will give you good advice if needed."

Submitted 4/2014
Gary [Magnolia, TX]

When I contacted Joel five years ago, I had a severe muck problem at my lake property in Northern Minnesota. The muck around my dock was knee deep [not exaggerating] in places. Joel advised me of the equipment and how it should be placed along my shoreline. I have used the system along with bacteria pellets for the past five seasons [summers only] and my muck has been reduced to ankle deep silt [fine sand]. The weeds are gone, including deep rooted cattails. It requires patience and persistence, but it worked along the shore of our 2,000+ acre lake. If you have muck, you will have weeds. For the previous 25 years, I had tried everything I could find to control lake weeds. Nothing really worked until I tried aeration. For the first time in nearly 30 years, we are able to enjoy our shoreline.