5 stars XtremeAIR® Lake & Pond Aerator – Chris from Elkton, OR
“Our six-diffuser aeration system was outdated and three of the six units were failing. Researching options for replacement, I looked at a variety of vendors. I found Aeration Supply to have the best options for systems, quality parts and cabinet specs. Working with Lisa was great from start to finish. Mapping the location [4.5 acres] it was determined that an XtremeAIR-6 would be best. Directions were well written, and installation was a snap with the “plug and play” aspects from start to finish. Quality is the best way to describe the entire system. I would recommend Aeration Supply to anyone who needs a system.”
5 stars XtremeAIR® Lake & Pond Aerator – Cory from Cedar Rapids, IA
“I am very impressed with the XtremeAIR system. This is my second aeration system, and this is a huge upgrade to what I was using. The quality of construction is top notch, it looks like a piece of art when you open the cabinet, lol. It runs very cool and quiet and pushes a ton of air. A great product and great service!”
5 stars Customer Service – Todd from Harlan, IA
“Thank you for the GREAT follow up “customer service.” You communicated how and why my request/problem will be resolved. Just FYI 90% of customers return BECAUSE of high level of service not product. ALSO 90% of customers leave due to poor service not product.”

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